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Happy New Year!

A toast to the New Year …

Dance as if no one were watching,

Sing as if no one were listening,

And live every day as if it were your last!

2018 was an eventful year. 2019 is filled with promise and plans. Music and brewing is always top of our list. We'll continue to play third Saturdays at Flanigan's Distillery and Winery in Bertram, Texas. We continue to work toward a new CD and are very excited with our slow but sure progress.

It's always a great day
on Bear Creek!
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2 - 5 pm

Flanigan's Distillery & Winery

Kevin and Dana have taken a mad scientist approach to modern crafting of wine and distilled spirits. They offer fine food as well as an incredible tasting experience.

Home Brewing...

So satisfying!

Only one thing better than making music, making beer! We have captured our own wild yeast, Bear Creek Wilderness Bloomin' Wild Yeast. We collected this yeast during our wild flower season. We brewed an incredible Saison with it and are banking our yeast so we can use it again and again!

Our Bloomin' Wild Terroir

Bloomin' Wild Saison

Songwriters Across Texas...

Working tirelessly to


This amazing group of people started their mission

over four years ago. They have a tv show, a radio show and a monthly supper club event as well as many other special events.

We were honored in 2016 to join the many talented artists on the Songwriters Across Texas Wall Of Fame! We are listed indivdually... Ken & JudyAnn Lloyd. 

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